“How Illlbliss ‘Oga Boss’ Treated His Wife Like A Queen Despite Eight Years Of Childlessness”

The popular Nigerian rapper, Illbliss also known as Oga boss welcomed a baby girl penultimate week. This was after eight years of childlessness.

The elated father had taken to Instagram and welcomed his ‘princess.”

But not many knew what transpired before the miracle.

According to his wife’s sister, who shared their testimony on her page on Instagram, Illbliss endured with his wife’s condition and there was no day his mother troubled the wife.
Illbliss 2
The sister-in-law wrote:

“AND ON THE 8TH YEAR… God decided to bless my sister Munachiso and Illbliss with a baby of their of own! My sister and her hubby came to the house last year November to tell us she was pregnant (the 7th year of marriage) I remember how I ran to my room and knelt down and cried for soo long I tried to stop but I couldn’t! And today just a few mins ago.. my sister gave birth to a BABY GIRL!(On the 8th year!) My sister and her hubby have loved and treated every kid like theirs.. infact a lot of phttps://kemiashefonlovehaven.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpeople think till date that my nieces and nephew are their kids.. I can’t explain how I feel right now! But I want to specially thank my brother @illblissgoretti Tobe thank you for treating my sister even better than queens are treated! I know whoever Marries into our family has found favour from God but my sister is BLESSED and highly favoured to have you as a husband! You have been her rock and pillar you have treated her better by each passing day! you’re the reason she’s never bothered! You and your mum have NEVER I repeat never asked my sister where is my child or grandchild rather ur mum sends her jokes daily, gossips with her and always buys or sends her one thing or the other! (Evidence of marrying into an amazing and God fearing family) there was nothing wrong the baby was just not ready to come and God was doing everything in his own time!! I can’t believe that JUST LIKE THAT everything is settled. TOBE you are a MAN! You are a follower of CHRIST and I just want to thank you for being the best and putting my sister first always till date when u see her or she makes a new hair or she’s dressing up ur reaction Makes me smile and keep quiet even after 8years! You both are an example that marriage is a union and children are the added blessings hence your happiness even when the baby hadn’t arrived.. You deserve this blessing and more and I want to pray for you that God is just starting with you and my sister! As he has started this so will he finish it! May he continue to be evident in your lives and may he continue to put your enemies to shame and shut them up every time! Welcome my princess ” Sochikaima Arianna Ejiofor ” The HIGHLIGHT of my year” (sic)