How Dr Sid’s Mum Forced Him Into Marrying Rich Simi…Marvin’s Artiste’s Ordeal, Now Broke, He Suffers From Stroke

They got married on August 5, 2014 amidst pomp and pageantry.
It looked made in heaven. All celebrities were present. The Internet was on fire!
For music act, Dr Sid, Simi, his wife was all he wanted. The same applied to Simi. Blessed with two daughters, the marriage had not only crashed, Simi took to Instagram today to confirm the split.
Issuing a statement, Simi wrote:

But not everyone knew the marriage crashed before it kicked off almost six years ago.
Dr Sid, who is a son of late actor, Justus Esiri revealed in an interview in 2016 that they quarreled two days to their wedding. Talking about marriage, he said, “It can be beautiful if you work towards it. I remember us quarrelling two days before our wedding and even threatening to pull out. But, our love for each other has kept us going.”

Though many accused Simi of abusing her estranged husband, she debunked it, lending credence to Dr. Sid’s huge frame and her inability to beat a man.
“It’s a lie! Don’t mind her. She’s telling lies. Simi Esiri used to hit and beat her ex husband Dr. Sid and even break stuffs but he never used to respond because he didn’t want her to have any evidence and then later turn around to accuse him of same. It’s only recently that he was allowed to see his kids,” sources revealed.

Dr Sid and Simi

But then, many are of the opinion that Simi, who comes from a wealthy background could no longer cope with her estranged husband’s philandering ways and also because he could not maintain her status of being a silverspoon kid.
“We knew it would not last. She had her bachelorette in Las Vegas and made sure she didn’t included friends who missed the event on her wedding guest list. Simi is from a rich home and couldn’t cope with Dr Sid’s broke life,” a source close to the estranged couple said.
But there is another angle to the divorce. Kemi Ashefon gathered from the comment section of Stella Dimoko-Korkus Blog that Simi’s retired mum allegedly stood as a third party which didnt augur well for the union.
A blog visitor in SDK, who must have been a family member revealed:
“The main problem in their marriage was SIMI,S MOTHER!!!!The woman kept interfering. And SIMI did not help matters by constantly reporting every single thing to her. Even their sex life as in the number of times Sid sleeps with her in a week..Yes she did that.And nobody should start writing stuffs and asking if I was there when she made these reports. Yes and yes. I was was an unpalatable family meeting which none of us wants to was a very uncomfortable meeting.At that point we knew it was just a matter of time..The mother especially is to blame..she ruined her daughter’s marriage.”
Meanwhile, the musician, who has not been doing fantastically well in his career is said to have suffered from stroke lately.
“He survived it but he is recuperating. We pray he gets well and gets back on his feet again. He needs to work and make ends meet. The separation really hit him and must have caused depression,” sources said.