How Dino Melaye Shunned Babymama, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe On Her Birthday

Her timeline was full of congratulatory messages—it was her birthday on January 27.
Well, Senator Dino Melaye’s babymama, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe was in high spirits and her friends were not calm that she ass the celebrator. Indeed, they celebrated her with kind words.
But the Nollywood actress was ignored by her babydaddy, Senator Dino Melaye.
Bisi, whose daughter, Okikiola Destiny Dino-Melaye is seven years old, clocked 43 years old on Monday and as usual, was shunned by Dino Melaye.
Recall that the Abuja based Senator, who, on November 30, lost his bid to return to the Senate, was defeated by Senator Smart Adeyemi of the All Progressives Congress.
Though he has refused paternity of Bisi’s baby girl, the pretty actress has refused to bow to whatever pressure from the politician and kept the Senator’s name as her daughter’s surname.
There’s no co-parenting between the two. Destiny has never been visited by her father, neither has he claimed to be her father.
“He insisted on a DNA test which Bisi has refused to carry out. Senator Melaye is ready to take responsibility of the baby if Bisi does what he requested. Recall that the pregnancy Bisi had eight years ago caused furore between her and her friend, Lola Alao. Lola was the one who introduced her to Melaye and never knew the affair would lead to Bisi getting pregnant,” a source told Kemi Ashefon.
Of course, pretty Bisi has had many affairs after Dino Melaye and she is currently dating a businessman in London.
“The guy (her current boyfriend) is crazily in love with her but he is a married man who lives with his family in the United Kingdom. His wife is all over him and he is doing all he can to conceal his affair with Bisi because the wife must never know.
“In fact, he was in Nigeria in 2019 for his father’s burial and successfully concealed whatever was happening between him and the actress from his wife. She didn’t know and Bisi was at the burial party with some of her friends,” sources disclosed exclusively to Kemi Ashefon.
That simply means Bisi doesn’t give a hoot about the Senator and his wealth. She is frantically searching for a man to marry and doesn’t like to be labeled a babymama.
“Who says Dino cares about her too? He was ready to marry her when he was dating her then and would always be at her Magodo home in Lagos. Lola Alao introduced them but thought it would be a fling. Fortunately for Bisi, who had been a live-in lover to Fuji maestro, Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, without getting pregnant, fell pregnant for Dino in the process. Lola became furious and joined forces with Dino to deny that the pregnancy was his. Though the two friends have settled and moved on, Dino continues to shun Bisi and her baby.