Henrietta Kosoko’s Family Kicks Against Lagos Burial, Wants Hometown In Delta

Late Henrietta Kosoko’s
funeral that was scheduled to hold tomorrow at Atan Cemetery in Lagos has been
canceled. The church service that was planned to precede the internment
tomorrow has also been cancelled. This latest development is coming on the
heels of a serious disagreement between late Henrietta’s family and Jide

At the wake keep service
for the late actress last night, the big announcement that the final burial
activities slated for tomorrow in Lagos, have been cancelled. The reason given
at the event this was that the decision to change late Henrietta’s final
resting place from Lagos to Delta was due to issues that are related to the
culture and tradition of Delta people.

Meanwhile, the NETng, reported that the family of the
late actress does not recognise Jide Kosoko as
her husband, hence their decision to take charge of her funeral.

Henrietta is Urhobo woman
from Delta state, where they cherish their culture. Jide Kosoko didn’t go to
her family house in Delta to pay her dowry,’ the source said.

He continued: “He met her
here in Lagos and they got married and never made any attempt to go the village
with her to do the needful. Because of this, her family doesn’t see him as
their in-law.”

The source further revealed
that even when Henrietta passed on, the family did not call to inform him, he
got to know when the news surfaced online.

A source close to Jide
Kosoko also confirmed to us that the late actress will be buried in Delta
saying, ‘Her family has kicked against our initial plans to bury her here in
Lagos. They said it’s against their culture. So we had no choice than to obey
want they want.’

Henrietta Kosoko’s remains
will now be moved to her hometown in Delta State this morning for burial.

Source:CityScoop NG