Governor Bagudu Of Kebbi State Celebrates Wife At 50 (Photos)

First Lady of Kebbi State, Dr Zainab Bagudu clocked 50 years old on March 28 . If she thought she would not celebrate, the amiable woman, who is one of the daughters of late politician, Umaru Shinkafi, got a surprise package from her husband, the governor, Abubakar atiku Bagudu.

With friends and family around her to celebrate, the pretty medical doctor penned down this message on her special day:
What does Fifty feel?A calculated adjustment in my bones before I move.
A calculated adjustment in my thoughts before I speak
And a calculated adjustment in my heart to love more, be kind more and tolerate more.
At Fifty I have come to know who I am, what I want and hopefully the *purpose of my creation*. It is no longer about pleasing someone or coveting something.
It is a balance and a settling in;
And a resolution to, if I am to live another 50 years, be better than the foregoing 50.
At Fifty, it is setting purposeful steps to achieve a hopeful engagement with health and well-being to achieve personal objectives focusing on the notable 4 key areas: *Nutrition, Fitness, Mindfulness* and *Relaxation*. It is focusing on how I will leave a *Legacy* on what my community will remember me for, in life and in death. My community of family, friends, professional colleagues, my patients and whoever I might meet along the way.
Fifty has called for a reflection, of inner self; and a rekindling of my *Passion*, or is it a calling?…. It keeps recurring in my senses – healthcare systems and human capital development.

And oh, why did I lose all my iPhone data including my scribbled notes, records and little bits, just as I was turning 50? I crack my head to remember the backup password to no avail. A First! Was the loss of data a divine signal for *Refresh, Rebound, Renew*? I embrace it.
And pray that the Almighty Allah be my *Guide*. On this day, as on all days, mine is a *Thankful* Heart full of Gratitude *Alhamdulillah* and a Prayer for *Peace Prosperity Purpose*, full of Faith in Him, Bowing to His Will. I miss you daddy, May Allah reunite us in Aljannah Firdausi.
Thank you for the honour you have given me by being part of these processes. *TabarakAllah* (Thank you for the apt words, My Dr Dr Kyari)
” (sic)