Finally Actress Iyabo Ojo Replies Cossy..Says “Nobody Can Make Me Miserable”

First, it was Kemi Olunloyo that alleged an illicit affair with a Port-Harcourt based pastor.
The self acclaimed journalist also threatened to expose more actresses who are having affairs with rich men and pastors.

She kept harping on Iyabo Ojo and some escapades.

Iyabo Ojo didn’t reply.

Meanwhile Kemi Olunloyo is cooling her heels in police detention in Port-Harcourt after she was arrested last week in Ibadan. According to Olunloyo, the said pastor had demanded her arrest based on what she wrote about him and Iyabo Ojo.

Then, Cossy Orjiakor, the busty actress, began a social media rant last week and talked about Iyabo Ojo’s small beginning and how God used Cossy’s connection to fix her up with a rich man, who bought her a house and car.

Another Instagram user, Steph Naya joined in revealing more ‘secrets about Iyabo Ojo.

Mum was the word from the mother of two.

This week, obviously not perturbed by all that had been said and written, Iyabo Ojo shared a picture today, March 22 and wrote:

iyabo ojo yellow

My smiles are from within bcos i believe in my God & i find peace in me bcos i believe in my self, i believe that when u ve a gud soul & think gud & not evil towards ur fellow being, no matter how rough d road may be 4 u, God will always be 4 u, i have chosen happiness above all tho i have witnessed sadness a couple of times & may even witness more, God forbid!!! but no matter d obstacle, no matter d storm, I will always battle it & stand tall against all odds, bcos i believe that no one or any situation has d right to take my happiness away from me, bcos i believe my God will never allow what is above me take over me & as long as God has made me unbreakable & unshakeable then d enemy will always fail, i may fall a thousand times i tell u but i will always rise again greater than b4!!! I am never afraid to live bcos i know i will only live once!!! so i have chosen to be strong, i have chosen to be courageous, i have chosen to live happy, #iamatestimonyofGodsgreatness he has made d impossible possible countless times in my life & i will 4ever be greatful to him who has created me, I tell u never give up on ur self, never look down on ur self, never see ur self as a failure, never give up on ur self, never let any being make u feel miserable, believe in ur God, who has created u & believe in ur self, i am never afraid to take chances bcos that builds my experience, dear one never be afraid to take chances, never be afraid to fall, never be afraid to start all over again, it is never to late until death calls, never be afraid to love again, never say never bcos u never know what ur creator has in stock 4 u!!! speak positive into ur own life, think positive, be inspired!!! #iamagreatfulsoul #ibelieveinme #believeinyou #ihavefaithinmyGod #havefaithinurs #becoraugeous #iwilldiehappy #iamwhoisayiam & u are who u say u are ❤❤the choice is urs ❤ Love u all.” (sic)