Fayose, Leave My Wife Alone—Fayemi Cries Out

The Kayode Fayemi Campaign Council as described as irresponsible and reckless politicking, the statement allegedly credited to Erelu Bisi’s Fayemi, wife of the Candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State Dr. Kayode Fayemi.

The full statement reads:

Our attention has been drawn to a purported statement in an online publication that Erelu Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi allegedly criticised President Muhammadu Buhari over allegef comment that Dr Kayode Fayemi may not win in the July 14 election.

In the purported statement, Erelu was alleged to have frowned at the President’s statement, allegedly accusing him of not willing to deploy the military to help Fayemi win the election.

She was also alleged to have reminded the President of how Fayemi helped him to score huge votes in Kano.

We would not have responded to this trademark lie by Fayose’s media aides who peddle lies shamelessly to set Nigerians against one another or the authorities, but for the unwary who may not be able to distinguish between truth and falsehood, we need to set the records straight.

Even though several people have called to advise that Fayose and his aides should be ignored in this falsehood after several other malicious publications to malign the Erelu, we still need to set the records straight that the latest wicked lie is one in the series of others being spun online to malign the innocent woman.

Just recently, the same set of people wrote online that Erelu accused Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of not supporting her husband in the July 14 governorship election.

This method of electioneering campaign is ridiculous, wicked, uncivilised and indeed unexpected in the Land of Honour where integrity is taken for granted.

There are several other ways for Fayose to conduct his campaign without maligning innocent people or putting their integrity to test.

We condemn this crude method of electioneering and we want to advise Fayose’s men to, for once, try to conduct themselves in civilised manner and stop this criminal conduct to seek people’s votes in representative democratic election by fraudulently maligning innocent people for electoral advantage.

It is obvious that Fayose and his men are afraid of Erelu Fayemi’s intimidating popularity, especially among Ekiti women. That is why they are bent on destroying her name and reputation at all costs, all in an effort to frustrate her efforts at supporting her husband. It will not work.