Failed Love: Actress Toyin Aimakhu To Become Pastor

When she talked
about wanting to marry a white man on her reality TV Show, ‘Keeping Up With Toyin
Aimakhu’ in April 2016, everyone thought she was joking.

she said, “married women are trying, may God give me the strength to marry
again. I don’t think I can go through it anymore. I will remain single or marry
a white man,”

seems ready to walk the talk. 

In a
recent interview with Fashion Buzz TV, the Nollywood Yoruba actress opened up that though she joked with
the idea on her reality show, she could still marry a white man.

“That was
actually a joke but if I see a good white man, I don’t know,” she said.  

Born 31
years ago, it would surprise many that Toyin’s mum is a prophetess, runs a
church (Christ Apostolic Church) and was under the tutelage of the late prophet
Timothy Obadare. That could
be the reason for the spiritual connotations you get sometimes in Toyin’s

When she
declared her no-more-love-for-marriage-and-black men today in the TV interview,
she said, “I don’t think I can even love again. I am scared to love. I am over
it but I can’t be healed. There is no point lying about it. There are some
things you can’t lie about. I hope I would be healed. I don’t think so because
the truth is, I have trauma. I am even scared right now. All I need now is God
and the Holy Spirit to help me because the truth is, I’m still in trauma. I am

Mum and Toyin

Aimakhu, who is in the United States currently, confessed that God has been
calling her but she turned deaf ears. Also relating her experience in the TV interview,
she said, “I know whatever God wants. He always wanted me to be his servant and
I rejected. But now, I’m with Him…whatever He wants.”

Aimakhu, a servant of God? Who knows? God might have heard her prophetess mum
prayers and preparing the daughter for His work in the vineyard.

despite the actress’ stance on marriage, her sister, Fatimah Aimakhu-Ogunsanya,
has been happily married for eight years. 

Fatimah, Toyin’s sister

During the Egbegbe-Aimakhu’s
imbroglio, Fatimah posted on Instagram that: “My sister is deeply heartbroken after
innocently loving another man just not to be tagged ‘sleeping around’ and now
this is happening to her. Seun Egbebe is just an Unfortunate person and this
has shown that he cannot handle and treasure Gold. I pray that God heals you
and send you your perfect angel cc @toyinaimakhu.” (sic)

We are
waiting for Toyin’s calling and transformation with bated breath.