Failed Electricity: OBJ Lambasts Jonathan Says He Never Listened To His Advice

Former president, Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo has verbally bitten into his successor, Goodluck Jonathan over his failure to heed advice.

OBJ, while speaking at the launch of ‘Making Africa Work’, a book he co-authored, blasted Jonathan over his failed promises to Nigerians, especially the promise of generating 40,000 MegaWatts of electricity.

When asked why implementation of Ideas has been a major issue in Nigeria, Obasanjo had this to say;

“The problem with governments is that they don’t want to engage in continuity.A government will be sworn in and the next thing you hear is ‘we are the first to, we will be the first to’ do this and that. So I do ask myself, what do these ones want to do that hasn’t been done.Before I left government, I formed a team and sent them to different parts of the world to understudy development of countries doing well.

They came back, gave their report and we formed National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS). We also had States and Local chapters. When Jonathan came in, they abandoned the programme. I was looking.

Again, before I left, we were able to generate 4,000MW of electricity. We had laid out a plan to increase to 10,000MW in subsequent years. When they Jonathan came, they boasted that they will generate 40,000MW in 4 years. I said what! 40,000MW? Do these people even know what they are are talking about?

I thought I should intervene by reminding them that I left a plan that could generate 10,000MW which is more realistic. Then I sent someone, who I won’t disclose, to Jonathan. I said go and lecture this man. Let him know what is possible and what is not, so they don’t keep deceiving him.

He still didn’t hear. At the end, he failed Nigerians on that promise and others he made. How many megawatts did Nigeria have when he left office. It was actually lower if you compare to what I left in 2007.”