Facts On Funke Adesiyan’s Love Life As She Celebrates Birthday Today

The actress, who once dated Saidi Balogun, is having her birthday today, March 14.

She is having an affair.

funke adesiyan3

She said, “I’m in a relationship and I’m happy in it. A lot of people are married and are not happy while some are single and are happy. People shouldn’t attach so much importance to marriage. Life is too short not to be happy. You don’t have to be married because the society expects you to.”

The lucky guy? She didn’t reveal.

Now a politician, Funke Adesiyan opined:

“I contested for a seat in the Oyo State House of Assembly. I love what I experienced and I’m still in politics. I decided to go to my hometown in Kudeti, Ibadan to impact lives.

Quite comfortable, her view on wealth is, “I like to trade. I went into buying and selling at a tender age. It is not difficult to make money when you are hard-working. If you fail, you have to get up and do it again until you succeed. Although you can cut corners to get rich, you can’t cut corners to be successful.”

funke adesiyan2

As an actress, she would tell you she is not wealthy because, “Acting does not pay my bills and I try to be as real as possible. I’m working on my business which involves importing and selling of bathroom accessories. I do souvenirs and I am into animal husbandry. Very soon, I will add cash crops.”

Obviously excited at the various shout outs on her social media handle, she posted today on Instagram:

On fame, her philosophy is simple:funke adesiyan1
“I don’t see myself as a famous person. I can go to Idumota market if I want.”

Happy 20th birthday Funke. I love you beyond words. You challenge me to be a better me always. Keep being you. #funkeadesiyan #birthdaybehaviour.”