Exclusive! Lola Alao Wins Custody Battle Over Aisha Abimbola’s Kids (Video)

How Late Actress Husband, Family Lost Out
Its indeed victory for Lola Alao as the Nollywood actress won the custody case over the two kids of her late friend/colleague, Aisha Abimbola.

Currently, she has been authorized to be their custodian in Canada.
In a video shared on Instagram on Thursday, Lola and Aisha’s kids are viewed in a joyous mood. Taking them to school, Lola thanks everyone who supported her and advises couples to embrace their kids no matter the state of affairs in any sour marriage.
Late Aisha Abimbola’s estranged husband, Victor Ibrahim and his family made all attempts have the custody of their two kids (Keji and Lase) who Lola Alao had been taking care of since her friend died.

Recall Aisha Abimbola, who battled cancer before her death on Tuesday May 15, 2018, was laid to rest on May 17, 2018 in Canada.

Months after her death, the Canadian authority had invited family members via a letter directly addressed to the father of the kids who’s in Nigeria.

The letter requests for him to agree if the children’s custody should be given to Lola Alao who has been acting as their guardian.

The father of the kids has refused to give consent even though he hasn’t been fraternising with the kids.

Though Lola Alao has been taking care of the kids since Aisha’s death, the eventual custody of these kids was determined in a court in Canada in January and case adjourned.

Before this time, there was tension between the late actress’ family and now Canada-based Lola Alao over the rightful custodian of these kids.

According to an actress close to the deceased and Lola, Aisha never wanted her husband to have custody of the kids.

That actress Lola Alao was considered as the next-of-kin to late Aisha when she was dying was not in contention, she (Lola) was the only one that was around taking responsibility of the ailing actress and it was also gathered that late Aisha had no other choice than to ask her friend, Lola for that favour of taking charge of her kids if she eventually died.

She told Kemi Ashefon exclusively, “Where was the husband when she was dying? Aisha had gone to Canada to secure a future for her kids when she realised she would not overcome the cancer. She was lucky to have a friend in Lola. Though a family member of her husband who also lived in Canada said late Aisha never told anyone of her illness, they did not support her or the kids during her ordeal before death. Aisha personally handed her kids over to Lola before her demise and told her not to allow her kids be in the custody of her estranged husband or his family. She was the one, before her death, who declared that Lola Alao should be the mother of her kids.”

“Now, that he has realised they are citizens of Canada, he wants to come over and benefit from that status. He ill-treated Aisha when she was alive and never bothered about his kids. Now, he wants to come and claim custody of what he never took care of. His family abroad are also fighting for this custody but the law has determined Lola Alao as their custodian.”

Lola Alao, married with kids, is now based in Canada where she has engaged in entertainment ventures.