El-Rufai’s Wife Says There Was No Competent Christian To Be His Running Mate

Aisha El-Rufai, wife of Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has said her husband’s choice of a Muslim running mate was based on competence and ability to deliver.

El-Rufai has been under fire by Christians in the state for the choice of a Muslim since he too is of same faith.

Mrs El-Rufai, on Wednesday, said that the choice of Hadiza Balarabe was made not to spite Christians but because she has proven to have capacity to contribute to the growth and development of the state.

The wife of the governor is the Coordinator of the ‘APC GIDA-GIDA’ (APC HOUSE-HOUSE) campaign in Kaduna State.

She said, “I appeal to the good people of Nigeria and Kaduna State in particular to take a closer look at the choice of the running mate of Malam Nasir El-Rufai with open heart.

“The governor that I know works with people based on competence and on the basis of what they can deliver and bring to the table and not on the basis of religion or ethnicity.

“The governor should not be accused of bias because he is not moved by religious affiliation. In any case, our diversity should strengthen us rather than divide us.

“One of the core objectives of our great party APC and the ‘Gida-Gida’ project is to foster peace and unity in Kaduna State and the nation at large.

“Our main goal and objective is to engage the electorate on issue-based campaign as peace ambassadors, we believe Kaduna State is a great state that has the potential to promote peace and unity among its diverse populace.

“I, therefore, urge us all to come out en-mass to vote all APC candidates in order to ensure victory at all polls slated for 23rd February and 9th March 2019.”