Done With Acting? Sola Sobowale Seeks Another Vocation

Nollywood veteran actress, Sola Sobowale doesn’t need to think of retirement and what to do as she grows older but she does and her reasons would amaze you in this interview

Why did you decide to partner in Gold Statue?

First of all, being part of the production is a privilege as both a producer and as an actor. Also, working with Tade Ogidan is another level. Anyone who knows Tade Ogidan knows that he is a perfectionist. A scene in a movie with him can be taken as much as 50 times. Gold Statue is a movie that teaches, that we are going to tap from positively, that is full of fun, action, drama, and is a thriller. It is everything in one. It is a full package and I’m so happy that I’m on board.

What role did you play in the movie?

I play the role of a mother. There are mothers and there are mothers. There are different types of mothers. And I’m glad to have played this role because I asked myself what I am giving to the people. I then said to myself, ‘Sola, people love you, so what do you give back?’ So I decided to give back by teaching people. I decided to give back so that people can learn from me. And this is a big platform. It is another channel to showcase what I’ve got. What is the definition of a mother? What are the roles of mothers? Are they known to be just baby factories, to be popping out babies? What are their roles? What are you supposed to do as a mother? Because the word ‘mother’ is full of meaning. It’s very huge and until you do your duty as a mother, that is when you can be called a mother. A mother is different from a wife and a wife is different from a mother. In Gold Statue, we will be getting these answers. And I love playing the motherly role.

But that is what you’ve been playing…

But this one is different. They are two parallel lines that can never meet. As I explained, there are different kinds of mothers. There are the ones that are just making noise, and there are mothers who are real.

What should people look out for in the movie?

They should look out for fun, tears, emotion, and a lot of noise. It is the full package.

There is this charm you bring into your movies. How do you do it?

It is your prayers, because without prayers, without God, Sola Sobowale will not be standing. Without you people, Sola Sobowale will not be in existence. So I thank you all for all the support and I pray to God that I will not let you down.

You are also in The Wedding Party 2. How did that go?sola sobowale (2)

Just keep your fingers crossed. In December, when the movie is released, go out and watch it (laughs). If you saw part one, then it is a continuation of what you watched. And Patience Ozorkwo is also in the movie to add spice to it.

When you look at your life as an actress, do you feel fulfilled?

There is a lot I would still like to do. So I still need support. Sola Sobowale is well known as an actress, but how has she impacted on the lives of people? That is something I really want to look into. I have this project that I need financiers for. It is a project that is for children, the underprivileged and the elderly. That is what I want to do that is eating me seriously. And I pray to God almighty that a way breaks through for me soon.

Have you started working on it?

Everything is done, the paperwork is all complete, what is left is to find partners who are willing to go all the way. As I said, the project is for the underprivileged, the vulnerable adults and I pray interested people call me so I can give them the full details.

What are your plans for the remaining part of the year?

I’m not stopping. This is what I know how to do. I’m still working. After this movie, I will do another one.

So you are not planning to resign soon?

Haa! Aunty Taiwo Lycette is still there, what are you talking about? Mind yourself o! (Laughs).

Source: Nation