Domestic Violence: “My Wife Chases Me With Knife To Stab Me, Threatens Me”

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husband, Dare Falana, has claimed that he is a victim of domestic violence—his
wife chases him about with knife to stab him.
 He sought divorce for the
15-year-old marriage at a Customary Court in Igando, near Lagos on Wednesday.

to Ganiyat Falana, the court dissolved the marriage due to adultery. 
Delivering judgment, the President of the court, Mr. Adegboyega Omilola, said
he was convinced that the couple could no longer live together as the petitioner
had insisted on divorce after several interventions.

court has no choice than to dissolve the union; in spite of the fact that the
wife still claims she loves her husband.

“The court pronounced the marriage between Dare Falana and Ganiyat Falana dissolved
today, both parties, henceforth; cease to be husband and wife,” Omilola

40, a businessman, had approached the court, seeking the dissolution of the
marriage because of infidelity and threats to his life. The estranged man, who
described his wife as adulterous, claimed to have caught her with a man friend
in his room chatting and eating.

“I came back home to pick something in the morning and I met my wife with her
lover inside our room eating food bought from an eatery.

“My wife is always threatening my life with dangerous weapons as she chased me
with knife in our street to stab me. “She is a good fighter. Her hobby is
fighting. I have on at least five occasions bailed her at the police

“She fights with friends, neighbours, even in the church and I had to leave
that church for her because of this shameful act,” said Dare. 

however, described Dare as fetish, claiming that he had killed the foetus in
her womb.

“He gave me Suya to eat when I was eight months pregnant and the baby in my
womb started to breathe faster, I rushed to the hospital but was delivered of a
still birth,” she said. 

a mother of three, who did not object to the dissolution, told court that her
husband was fetish. 

saw my bra inside my husband’s brief case, I queried him but he said he wanted
to take it to his church for prayers.

“He also brought a handkerchief home and gave it to me to clean my private part
and return to him but I refused. He has been bringing home different types of
soup and other liquids for me to drink which I also refused because I do not
trust him. Apart from his fetish nature, he has also turned me to a punching

said that her husband had always blamed her for his predicaments.