Despite Annie’s Beef, Tuface Celebrates Daughter’s Birthday With Baby Mama

Pero Adeniyi was all smiles yesterday, June 4, 2016, as
her daughter Ehis Idibia, clocked 10 years and the father, Innocent Idibia aka
Tuface was around to celebrate with them in the United States.

Tuface had left
Cairo last week to be with Baby Mama, Pero and her three children.

However, four days ago, Annie, Tuface’s legal wife, had posted a comment on Instagram about child abuse and some single parents hindering access to
fathers of their children. Eniola Titiloye, Pero’s elder sister clapped back at
this and revealed that Annie was referring to her sister.
posted, “It’s all because Innocent left from Cairo yesterday to see his kids he
has not seen in over two years because of her (Annie). The kids she fights
their father for even storing their names as “Idibia Us”. The kids she sends
texts to their mum harassing her life anytime Innocent starts to contact them.
The kids she abuses by cutting them off from their dad, he has to hide to call
or facetime them just because he does not want Annie’s troubles. Annie, I have hard
proofs that will show the world that you are a liar doing photoshop with
Sunmbo’s kids to form happy family when we know what is going on in the
background…..” (sic)
Meanwhile, Pero and her kids had fun yesterday. Even
Tuface who was alls miles all through the event. Not a few fans opined on the
birthday pictures when it was shared today on the blogs. They all said Annie
would be having sleepless night over the event and the fun her hubby had with
his kids.

Happy belated birthday Ehis.