Dabota Lawson charges at fan who calls her ‘Trophy Wife’ “If you don’t agree with what I do, stay away


Miss Nigeria to the United Kingdom, Dabota Lawson, would always make headlines.
From the time she started dating the CEO Novena Majesty Furniture, Prince Sunny
Aku, to when the affair came to a halt, she was in the news.


28-year-old ex beauty queen, whose cosmetics range is in high demand, always
put up her stock on Instagram and other social media platforms.
But the
Rivers State-born leggy fashionista had a dose of what fans can do to any celebrity—she
lost her cool. 
The fan,
whose IG handle,  ensicu4038,
pointed out that: “I
noticed you blocked me cos I assumed 3 million naira and much more is what
comes to ur account every other day or could it be because I reminded ur puppy
ass that IG is for pictures and not for chick feed alert? It only tells me one
thing trophy wife, if u could choose me to block..it only means? YOU ARE
PAINED. ok now block me again.” (sic)
Immediately, Dabota charged back, “Stop being so obsessed
with me. My page is not the beginning and end of the world . If you don’t agree
with what I do , stay away. If you type out of your ass . It’s my page. I or a
member of my team will block you (yes 5 of us run this page). Creating another
page just to put a rude comment on my page doesn’t hurt me. I’ve heard and seen
worse in the past couple of years. To me you’re a troll like so many others.
Trying to desperately seek attention, aggravate anger, posting incorrect
information, asking blatantly stupid questions, displaying high level of
foolishness and even deluding yourself that you have some sort of connection
with me. Now whilst I can’t even remember your original handle. I advise you
seek help, make good use of yourself. Enter one of the competitions I’ve
recently posted and move on.” (sic)