Celeb Couples Talk On Why Marriages Fail

Marriage remains the best institution established by God. To avoid crisis, couples must learn to make
the centre hold. How?

Charly Boy and wife, Lady D

Set boundaries

Engaging in intimate conversations with
members of the opposite sex leads to emotional experiences that becloud
judgment, trigger fantasy life, and progress toward physical intimacies outside
of marriage.

Some men
are like babies, who forever want to be in a toy shop, with the option of
playing with any toy they come across. They don’t even respect their wives, as
they fornicate all over the place as if they haven’t seen a woman before, how
do you want your wife to feel? Make your woman your best friend, be considerate,
have respect and show her love, if you don’t, someone else may just be doing
that for you—Charles Oputa, a.ka Charly Boy
Shun selfishness
This simply means placing your
desires consistently ahead of your partner’s emotional needs. You
respond only when it is convenient. Thus, your spouse feels unloved. When
marriage partners don’t trust their needs will be met, they tend to meet their
own needs first and become hesitant to share freely of themselves. Selfishness
in its most destructive form involves control, jealousy, possessiveness,
demands and abuse in order to get one’s way.

Basketmouth and wife, Elsie
I don’t
get jealous over my husband’s female fans. They made him who he is today. I’m
accustomed to it. He appreciates them but at the same time, he sets a barrier
when the need be. Most times when I go out with him and the girls come to greet
him, I try to make them comfortable and even help them take pictures with him.
I actually find it liberating when I do that
—Elsie Bright-Okpocha (Basketmouth)
Be fair in judgment 
 Marriage needs acceptance,
admiration, appreciation and emotional safety. It is disrespectful to try to
change a spouse’s thinking by ridicule, threats, or negative aspersions. These
perceived attacks on personality, character, intelligence or values undermine
the mutual respect that forms the basis of love. It becomes hard to love or
give of oneself when one feels unfairly judged or mistreated.

Chico and Joy Ejiro
We are like very close
siblings—we have a strong bond. I believe nobody can come between us.  Our relationship was and still is very
‘tight’. He’s my confidant, we talk alot, there’s nothing happening around me
that he doesn’t know. In fact, if you don’t want Chico to know anything, don’t
bother telling me because I’d tell him. He’s the first person I call when I
need to get anything done or when I have issues with anybody
Chico Ejiro
Curb anger
Alariwo and wife, Sola
Anger can have a
useful purpose if it is listened to and leads to dialogue and constructive
problem-solving. However, anger can either create more anger or withdrawal,
both of which interfere with effective communications. Tolerance, love and the
fear of God are important to control anger. Most of the time, I apologise
first. I go on my knees and I tell him I am sorry—
Sola Rotimi, Alariwo’s wife
Seek sexual fulfillment
Tee A and wife, Kehinde
 When needs for sex
and affection are not met, there is a challenge. People don’t marry to get a
roommate. They expect to have an active and fulfilling sexual life. Chronic
anger and conflict dampen a couple’s willingness to be affectionate with each
Marriage has added a lot to my life. Before I got married, I could
afford to be cheeky and say anything. Now, there is a form of responsibility I
shoulder. As a married man, I have learnt a lot and I have grown.
Also, being each other’s best friend makes marriage workTunde Adewale a.k.a Tee A
 Lies, deceit,
disloyalty, secret habits, or emotional dishonesty about thoughts or feelings
destroy trust and respect. Spouses who willingly don’t take or follow through
with their personal responsibilities unfairly shift those burdens to their
“I have always acknowledged the fact that my wife is adorable. I
honestly don’t grow cold feet because of any devourer. My trust for her has
formed the treasure and mental framework of our daily lives—
Ayo Makun, a.k.a AY

AY and wife, Mabel