Broadcaster Cyril Stober Weds NTA’s Elizabeth Banu

Veteran broadcaster, Cyril Stober, who retired some years back from the service of the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, is set to marry yet another TV broadcaster with NTA.

The Network news and Tuesday live veteran Stober had his traditional wedding on Saturday with Elizabeth Banu in preparation for the formal wedding which held on January 14, 2018.

Banu is a newscaster with the NTA and produces news among other things.

Cyril and Elizabeth

Stober, whose first wife died many years ago, decided to take his relationship with Mr Banu to next level with this traditional marriage.

The two broadcasters are known to be legends in NTA’s news department for their role in casting Network News, Nationwide and Tuesday live on the Nigerian National TV station.

The traditional wedding took place at Banu’s hometown in Garkida, Adamawa state.
At the occasion, many colleagues, NTA staff, friends and family members were present to share the joyous occasion with the couple.
Stober was born in Minna, Niger State and spent all his broadcasting life with the NTA.

A Journalist and On-Air-Media Personality with Nigerian Television Authority, Stober is from Minna, Niger state.
The talented newscaster has interviewed presidents, head of states on our TV screens in the past decades.

One of his many desirable qualities is his authentic eloquence.

‘I am Cyril Stober’ – this sentence, always delivered in a cool, calm voice endeared many Nigerians to the veteran broadcaster.

Everyone admired the authority and eloquence with which Cyril Stober delivered the news.
Many younger generation of journalists were inspired to pursue a career in journalism because of how impressive, un-adulterated or ‘faked’ his use of phonetics was – he reminds us how great Nigeria and Nigerians can be.