Bishop Oyedepo Reveals How Fulani Herdsmen Sent Him Warning Letter

Founder and President of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners Chapel, David Oyedepo, has revealed that he received a letter from a coalition of Fulani herdsmen identified as, Fulani Nationality Movement saying there will be no peace until cattle colonies are established in all states in Nigeria.

Speaking this morning at the church headquarters, Canaan land in Ota, Ogun State during the early morning Covenant Hour, Bishop Oyedepo in a video gone viral on social media, Oyedepo said he got a communiqué from the group saying God has given them the land, Nigeria and that there will be no peace unless cattle colonies are established.
He said, ”Just last night, I got this, believed to be from the Fulani Nationality Movement, saying that God has given them this land and that they have the right to live anywhere, and until the colony is established, there’ll be no rest in Nigeria.
I heard them say that the cattle colony is the only solution to the crisis, whether the Government or State Government accept or not.
”We have asked all Fulani herdsmen all over West Africa to move to Nigeria and penetrate every corner for the upcoming Jihad.”
The cleric also stressed that he saw the situation coming and documented it. He said he saw it in 1992, and urged members of his church to pray to God to scatter the gang up.

Recall that, David Oyedepo, last Saturday, while preaching at the church’s vigil, ‘One Night with the King,’ condemned the incessant killings in Benue and other parts of the country by the herdsmen.