Billionaire Terry Waya Flaunts His Exquisite Home

This Benue state-born businessman has always been known to flaunt opulence. terry waya home (3)

The fun-loving socialite is a newsmaker any day. A great friend of William Anumudu and Demola Seriki, Terry is known to throw big parties and he enjoys his friends company alot.
terry waya home (4)
terry waya home (11)
For a while now, Terry, who now lives in Abuja, has chosen to ignore the social scene, something he used to be addicted to and no one can tell the exact reason why although many have speculated that his love for social life nosedived shortly after he stuck out his neck for former Bayelsa State governor, DSP Alamiesiegha, (now late) during his troubled times. Terry in his hey days was known to throw some of the best parties within and outside the country with serving governors as his guests
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So, Ovation publisher, Dele Momodu visited Terry Waya in Abuja and decided displaying the photos on his Instagram page.