Billionaire Daughters Hauwa & Meram Indimi At Their Kamu Ceremonies (Photos)

The much-talked-about wedding of Hauwa Indimi and Mohammed Yar’adua has kicked off on Thursday.
Surprisingly, the Indimis decided having weddings for two sisters— Hauwa and Meram.

On Thursday, there was the Kamu night in Maiduguri.
The Kamu Amariya is one of the oldest events in the Hausa wedding ceremony. Kamu means catch the bride. The groom’s family comes and negotiates with the bride’s friends for her release to them. They have come for their bride and they are willing to pay any price to have her. This is a fun event and negotiation may take up to 30 minutes followed by a fun reception.
Zarah Buhari, who is now an Indimi was conspicuously absent. Also absent were former wife of Mohammed Babangida, Rahmayi, who had opposed her step sister’s choice of Mohammed.
Other sisters of Rahmayi were also absent.