Beware Of ‘Miracle’ Life Partners

church auditorium was full and many singles were just ready to ‘catch’ their
‘miracle’ partners.  “Then the pastor
prophesied that I would meet my miracle partner in the next seven days. I knew
God had answered my many years of waiting and I ‘received’ my ‘miracle’
partner,” recalled 34-year-old Anne. 
Though nothing happened on the seventh
day, the desperate single lady remembered she met someone on the tenth day. “He
was a friend to my friend’s husband and he was given my phone number. Though my
friend had told me about Johnson, I didn’t give it a thought because she was
always trying to match-make me with any available man. But this was different.
He called and asked me out on a date. I agreed and after some hours with him, I
knew he was the answer to my prayer. The first few weeks of dating him were
exciting and I even testified about it in church. 
By the time I had spent five
months in the relationship, I started asking myself if I was on the right
track. Johnson was always in need and asking me to bail him out with some
‘coins’. Initially, I didn’t see any wrong in helping a lover but when he
started asking for too much, I had a re-think. I have helped with his rent,
helped with the interior decoration and kitchen utensils. Since he had proposed
to me and we planned getting married before the year ran out, I made sure he
packed out of his uncle’s flat where he lived.
 I continued rendering my
financial support until I became weary-in seven months and less than four
months to getting married I had spent more than I earned and even taken a loan
to help get a car for him! I was lucky the car was registered in my name
because it was based on an instalment payment that would be deducted from my
When the car arrived, another Johnson emerged—he would come back late
from work, postponed the traditional wedding ceremony and chased younger girls!
I was angry, packed my things to my flat and asked for my car keys.  Initially, he didn’t release the car but
apologised. We were back on track again and I got pregnant to make him more
committed. Was I wrong? He said his family forbade a pregnant bride-to-be
because his father was a clergy in the village! My brother forcefully collected
the car from him and I am now a single parent. He was never the miracle partner
I expected. I should have been more patient and not rushed into a ‘miracle’
affair like that. He hardly went to church before I left him!”
       Some men are victims too. John, an
engineer would not forget his miracle partner, Edith. “I met Edith through my
pastor’s wife, who was a prophetess. She had prophesied that my miracle partner
would appear within 21 days and I believed her. I was almost 36 with a job and
no marriage. My parents were on my neck and I was the object of mockery whenever
I was with friends. 
 So, when Sister Edith came my way, I quickly proposed to
her. She was from the east, a good cook and a prayer warrior. I was told she
lived with her uncle in another state but left after facing persecution for her
commitment to God’s work. It was a smooth-sailing affair until two months
 My ‘miracle’ partner was always receiving strange calls that she would
cut off the line whenever I was around. 
There was a day she received some text messages and cried profusely. She
would just tell me about her family and not any past relationships. There were
days I would bump in and hear her cursing someone on the phone, if I asked she
would say she was giving some prayer points to someone. 
When I could not stick
all these again, I contacted my pastor’s wife but I was not satisfied with her
counsel and I spoke to another pastor in church. He counselled me on patience especially
when dealing with a divorcee. I made him realise that she was single, never
married and still a virgin, which I intended to deflower on our wedding night. 
He let the cat out of the bag when he revealed that she ran away from her
husband in the village, sought help from the church, was helping the pastor’s
wife at home before I proposed to her! I went straight to Edith’s place (I had
rented an apartment for her) packed her things out and took them to the
pastor’s house. This was a lady I had spent so much on— sponsored her studies
at a secretarial school, sent a monthly allowance to her mother and siblings
and even changed her wardrobe. The pastor and his wife are still begging me to
take her back but I am done with any prophesy. I have been deceived! Those
strange calls were from her estranged husband, who she was always cursing. Why
lie in God’s name? I have left that church for good.”
 Kemi’s comments
It is
foolhardy to base your investigations on prophesies. Who is that person? Even
if a ‘miracle brought him or her, does that make them perfect? That you met a
partner at any religious gathering or through prophesies does not make him/her
an angel. Naturally, you are to observe behaviours and investigate some facts
on anybody you plan getting serious with. That he/she was prophesied to be your
partner should not make you blind to certain behavioural traits. Making/accepting
a proposal should be after serious considerations of many facts, figures and
histories. Though miracles are real, there is no guarantee that a ‘miracle
partner is real. Why? A religious gathering is a mixed multitude, a general
assembly of persons, among which are the good, the bad and the ugly.
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