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Lara wears a false tooth and it cost a fortune to
acquire one. Everyone says it looks good on her. However, she ought not to have
any business visiting a dentist but Jide, her boyfriend, gave her a punch on
the mouth during one of their numerous squabbles.
 “Jide and I have been together for almost
three years and he beats me at the slightest provocation.

The first time he hit
me was three months into our relationship. He bought me several gifts and even
sent his sister to plead with me saying it would never happen again. Now, I
have lost count of the number of times he has hit me and I fear for my life.
Anytime I threaten to leave him, he, in return, threatens to kill me if I dare
it. Already I am thinking of relocating to another town because I no longer
feel safe,” she says.

Nkechi does not seem to
know what she wants and that is why her friends have left her to her fate.
Dave, a man she is supposed to be getting married to in a few months, has proved
to be the devil himself, judging by the intensity with which he abuses her
physically. Efforts by her family and friends to make her leave him yield no
fruit because she believes he beats her because he loves me.
“Dave is not a bad man,
he hits me because I have done wrong and he feels the only way he can correct
me is to give me a few jabs,” explains the distraught spinster.
Ask Amina, she would tell
you that Adam is the most loving man she has met but she would not forget to
add that he is also the most brutal man that she has crossed path with. “He is
a very jealous man and easily gets suspicious. A few weeks ago, I ran into my
cousin, Mike, who I had not seen in up to a decade. We embraced warmly like
long lost lovers and it was at that moment Adam appeared and in an instant
began to slap Mike. I tried explaining that he is a relative of mine but
instead of listening he pounced on me and beat me black and blue. Not his first
time, these beatings have become too frequent but my parents have said that
they will not live to see me quit the romance just because he is responsible
for their upkeep.”

get talking
you are too precious and beautiful to allow a man pummel you. Often regarded as
the weaker sex, women are unquestionably the greatest victims of physical and
emotional abuse. The most damaging abuse is emotional abuse because it can be
more difficult to overcome. If your man is emotionally abusing you, please get out
of the relationship.

There are too many men who
emotionally abuse their women and do not see the tremendous damage   they are doing to them. Most of these men
follow up emotional abuse with physical violence. It starts with a push, a slap
and then it graduates to blows and then you are left with a black eye, bruised
arms and with time you find yourself hospitalised. Some women even lose their
lives in the process.

To the bachelorettes, know that if
he hits you once, he is never going to stop. No amount of begging or cajoling
should stop you from making the dash. A woman beater is a potential murderer,
so run!