Avoid Divorce, Be Happy By Doing These Things

Laurie and FEB

Not all marriages crash. Some remain
intact and share lovey-dovey moments together.

Laurie Idahosa is  married to FEB, the first son of late
Archbishop Idahosa. Their 14th wedding anniversary comes up in
October and she shares a
sneak peek into some of the things that she
and her  husband enjoy doing together.

You can
reproduce it in your marriage too. According to her, “Most of these things
don’t cost much money, but they do cost time. Time is something we are happy to
spend on each other.”

Their kids
1. Go to the theatre and events together.
The nature of our jobs mean that we are always on the stage and are often the
main speakers for events. So whenever we can, we slip away and enjoy, theatre
presentations, conferences and events as spectators. We learn a lot together in
these presentations and enjoy the surprise on peoples faces when they see us
sitting in the crowd.
2. Travel together: We
love to go on excursions even if it’s just for a few days. It’s amazing what 48
hours can do for any marriage. Before we had children, we went on cruises. We
are still waiting for the Venice trip we dreamed about before we married…
maybe we will do it when the boys grow up.
3. Exercise together, especially
going for long walks, hand-in-hand
. We have found that taking time
to walk and talk together has been a breeding ground for creative ideas and
finding solutions to any issues we are facing professionally. It’s usually on
these long walks that we dream and share our visions with one another.
4. Enjoy playing with our children
There’s something electric about watching your children
laugh and giggle as you play with them. Spending time with my husband and our
boys just defines what home truly is; warmth, hugs, jokes and giggles. 
 5. Watch movies in bed. It is a real blessing to be with
someone who shares your interests in movies. My husband and I have this
connection and it is one way we spend quality time with each other. We just
snuggle up under the covers and watch a series or a movie together. There’s
been nights that we slept as late as 3am just to catch the end of an intriguing

6. Go shopping together. We love to window shop. My husband
especially enjoys “pricing” watches and a sundry of items while
waiting in traffic whenever we travel through Lagos. We look, we negotiate
prices and sometimes, when the item is essential, we buy it.


7. He is the absolute best kisser
on planet earth!
There is nothing as exciting as being physically
close to Feb and we love to kiss! I love that he still finds me irresistibly
sexy, even after 4 children. We are a very affectionate couple, always cuddling
and kissing. In fact, after writing this…. I’m going to kiss him NOW!

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