At Last! Gifty Finally Agrees She Was Married

Former Big Brother Nigeria 2017 housemate, Gifty Powers, has finally confirmed in an interview with HipTV that she was once married.


In the interview, Gifty stated that she was once married but then, she was just 19. She said she was immature, naive and didn’t know what she was doing.

She didn’t mention her husband.

According to her, she was married but it was not legal.

She said, “I was 19. I didn’t know what the whole marriage thing was all about. It felt like entering into adulthood overnight. The marriage was just traditionally recognised. It wasn’t legal although we did the traditional and white wedding.

There was no court wedding. The bride price was returned. What I experienced, I don’t wish for you to experience it because I passed through a lot and people out there judge me because they don’t even know what I have been through.”

She advised young women to be mentally, emotionally and psychologically ready before getting married.

However, a few weeks ago, a certain man, David Sorochukwu Akumah, who is a cousin to Gifty’s former husband, Engr David Akumah, had revealed that she was married in the church and shared photos.

This is an excerpt from Akumah’s post:

Its time to reveal the ex Big Brother Naigeria’s housemate in her true colour—she is still a married woman but ran away from her marriage!Gifty is Married to my Cousin David Sorochukwu Akumah AkA Sodafaces… a renowned Nollywood Director and Producer whom am not surprised that he decided to keep quiet over this matter till now because of his meek nature as a Quiet-Busy-Responsible man and had in the Past, vowed not to be associated with whatever Gifty is involved in because of scandals.

For the Records! My Cousin David never uploaded Gifty’s wedding pictures as an instrument in removing Gifty from BBN as accused, or to claim her further as his legally married wife,… rather what he did was to shut down Folders of upto 1000 copies of both Bachelors, Traditional and White wedding pictures of him and Gifty from his Facebook account, immediately after they had a problem that was not properly managed by the couple themselves about Gifty’s Cheating Life while still in her husband’s house.

gifty weds4

It’s a Pity that Gifty is still a very big Liar, never truthful to her new Fans and will never be because that’s how her fake identified super model mother as she said in Pulse TV interview brought her up. Obviously you can’t give what you don’t have…Gifty was not morally brought up due to want of making it big with the mother by all means over the years.
Gifty! that your Husband whom though do not want to change his mind in not bringing you back to his house after all his family’s persuasion to do so when your manipulative immoral mother came to his house at Asaba and took you away to Ghana simply because she asked for my cousin after one week of their white wedding to open a boutique for her (Gifty’s Mother) in a choice place in Lagos and he begged her to be allowed for sometime to enable him recoup from his just concluded wedding spendings which she vehemently refused and took you! her daughter away

Gifty denied being married after this post from Akumah