AMVCA 2017: What Went Wrong With Singer Simi’s Dress?

The dress causing brouhaha
The dress causing brouhaha

Her fans have bombarded her comment section on Instagram yelling, ‘crucify’. With many blaming her poor dress sense, not a few hung whoever her stylist was on the cross! In fact, many advised that she should hire them as her stylist free of any charges!

The bone of contention?
The dress worn by singer and song-writer, Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye aka Simi, to the fifth edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards, AMVCA 2017.

With a combination of silver and yellow sprinkled with pearls, the dress, many said, “Was tacky and not fit for a diva.”

Her hairstyle was not spared either.

This isn’t the first time Simi, who has always been romantically linked with either Adekunle Gold or Falzthebadhboy (both music artistes), would be attacked on her dress sense.

Recently, she was a guest at the Big Brother Nigeria house to interact with housemates and before she left, the Internet was abuzz with attacks on her choice of attire—it was also said to be tacky.

Screenshot of the clapback
Screenshot of the clapback

The 28-year-old singer, whose hit track, ‘JAMB Question’ is still making waves, and who also performed at the prestigious AMVCA on Saturday, did take the last criticism lightly.

She clapped back and wrote to some of the fans:

“Pray that my music breaks the norm and I become a better artist and win Grammies…cos I pray that you make it in life. All Love. All God And before u say I should ignore, I’m not upset. At all. I just hate to see ppl so worked up abt something that is not stopping my blessings.U don’t like my dress or hair. I’ve heard. I like it. I love it. I’m living my dream. Be happy for me. Cos tbh, I’m happy for me. Funny how it’s women that enjoy bashing other women (with good intentions. Lol). If one is comfy n happy, y are u tighting it to ur chest?Lol. If you take this energy and invest it in ur life sweetie, my needle and thread dress won’t bother you. And I mean well.” (sic)

Trust Nigerians, fans have started verbal fights with one another on this issue with hundreds taking sides with the petite artiste—even if her dress sense is horrible, they argued, her voice remains a bomb!