Amber Rose Confesses Her Romance With Kanye West Almost Drove Her To Suicide

Amber Rose, 33, just dropped a major bombshell. After being left “heartbroken” at the end of her romance with Kanye West, 40, in 2010, she said she experienced “constant bullying” from him over the next seven years, according to a new interview with Complex magazine’s Everyday Struggle on Monday, July 24.

And that’s not all — she also confessed that she was nearly driven to suicide, when he released his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which fans assumed was about their relationship.

“That is an extreme form of bullying as well, to have such a huge voice to put out an album, to say whatever the f*** you want. I had to just take that L. I had to take the heartbreak on top of it,” she said of the album
“It’s a great part of history and hip-hop, and that’s cool, and I’m happy to be a part of it, but during that time was not a great time for me because I’m famous and I’m broke, can’t date anyone else, can’t say anything on the internet because Kanye has such a voice. If I was going to kill myself, I would have done it during those times,” she continued.

“In all of my relationships, I have been the one that’s heartbroken. I have never cheated on any of my boyfriends, and still have never said anything mean about Kanye … This is after six, seven years of constant bullying from him.”
Sadly, time hasn’t healed all her wounds. Amber’s still angry with Kanye, especially after her son, Sebastian, during a Twitter fight with the boy’s father, Wiz Khalifa.

“You don’t say nothing about my baby. I was quiet for so long. I could have got a reality show just off the fact that I was his girlfriend. I could have wrote a book just off the fact that I was his girlfriend. I said, “You know what? I’m a real a** b***h. I’mma take the high road and work my a** off, and I’m going to get everything I get on my own, so nobody can be like, ‘Yo, I gave her that.’ The only thing I got from him was fame, and fame don’t get you no f***ing money. Period,” she said.
Amber, who was last married to Wiz Khalifa, 29, is now dating 21 Savage. And Kanye is obviously married to Kim Kardashian — they have two children together, North and Saint West.