Again, Iyabo Ojo, Mercy Aigbe Lambast Ex Husbands On Father’s Day

Though Father’s Day has come and gone, not a few single mothers have chosen to take their former spouses to the cleaners.
Some of such women are Nollywood actresses Mercy Aigbe and Iyabo Ojo.
Mercy, who separated from her husband, Lanre Gentry two years ago, is a mother of two. Taking to Instagram, the pretty actress wished all dads a happy Father’s Day but also wished herself.

Mercy Iyabo and their daughters

“Happy Father’s day to me, to all the great dads and to all the amazing single mothers who are playing both roles!!!!…….. May the lord continue to strengthen us and may all our labour over our children not be in vain in Jesus Name! Y’all are the real MVPs ???”
Though Mitchell, her first daughter isn’t a product of her marriage to Gentry, she was said to have married an Igbo man, who she later dumped and took her daughter away from his parents in Lagos.
For Iyabo Ojo, it was another opportunity to tell the world that she is a single mum/dad.
With her union with Mr. James Ojo crashed, she makes it a duty to announce that her kids benefit from her alone.
Taking to Instagram, she posted a video and eulogized herself and other single mums.
She captioned it, “??? HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to me ????”
However in the comment section, her male fans took her up on this.
One of them wrote,“Sounds funny but trust me that’s where you missed it. A child deserves both a mother and a father. For whatever reason, when parents have an unresolvable issue… that should not come to play in taking the place of the father. It’s absurd. ? same way the father cannot take the place of the mother. Let’s respect that!
Iyabo replied. “My brother, in my own case I play both roles in my kids life & yes I have allowed their Dad be in their lives too, but he is not their financially…… tho they’ve a very good relationship with him & I have never for once stopped them from getting close or relating with their dad bcos I dont & i never preach hate to my kids………. they talk ….. they connect & relate perfectly well with him, they free to celebrate him on Father’s day if they want, but as long as I have been paying all the bill 100% & I have been in their lives both emotionally physically, spiritually, supporting & standing strong for & by them, given 20 years & will forever give my all to them, I totally deserve to congratulate & celebrate myself both on Mother’s day & Father’s day? I proudly stood in that Father role gap ????????? Happy Father’s Day to me once again ?(sic)
Recall she did same on Mother’s Day.
After all her weeping and drama in a video released on Mother’s Day with claims that her husband abandoned her on their wedding night, telling her that he never loved her but married her because of her first pregnancy, her husband’s friends rubbished her claims.
They said, “She met him as a carpenter. We all knew he was a hardworking carpenter before God lifted him and he now lives and works in the United States. So, she had that kind of ‘society’ wedding with him and she claimed that in her video that she gave birth to her children at home and in a church? Why has she been castigating him in the media just to trend and be the talk-of-the-moment? She had always painted him as an irresponsible father and this is affecting her children’s relationship with the man. She can present her marriage certificate and photos, that’s Iyabo’s cup of tea. She should leave James Ojo alone! They are no longer together. She should leave him out of her crass desire to be trending on social media!”