Actress Toyosi Adesanya’s Marriage Intact Says, “My husband is doing his best and so am I”


Toyosi and hubby, Dele

The rumour
mill went agog lately with the news that Nollywood actress Toyosi Adesanya’s
marriage to Dele Ileyemi has hit the rocks.
But the
actress cum producer was seen last Monday boarding a flight to the United Arab
Emirate with her husband, Dele.
Then pictures of the couple shopping in Dubai
were seen on social media.
Dele Ileyemi, is a businessman who shuttles
between Dubai and Nigeria. The smiles on the couple’s faces as they shopped said
it all—the union is intact.
 In an
interview Toyosi had with the Nation newspaper sometimes back, she not only
talked about her husband but what has kept her marriage intact for over ten
the rise in divorce rates in celebrity marriages, Toyosi revealed her staying power
in the institution:
is not an easy task. I will be truthful about that aspect of our lives. I have
been married for the past nine years and I shuttle between Akure and wherever
my job takes me to. I don’t want to say anything against those who have
problems in their marriages. That is why I keep on saying to anybody who cares
to listen that being married is not an easy task, especially when you are a
people, especially acting couples, cannot cope with their marriages today. But
I don’t have anything to say about actors who cannot sustain their marriages. I
would rather say that if you have God and forego so many things, things will
work out fine. It is not easy for celebrities to stay married. We have so many
broken marriages out there, but we are known because we are in the public eyes.
People insinuate so many things about us because we are known faces. But I will
tell you that it is not easy to be married and be an entertainer, especially in
the movie- making world.”

Toyosi and Dele

very close pal of actress Fathia Balogun whose marriage to Saheed Balogun has
crashed irretrievably, Toyosi was asked if external influence would not cause a
rift in her marriage. Her reply:
is not true. It is a fallacy. I have a friend, who is like a sister, in the
movie world. She has stood by me all through. She always advises me never to
leave my marriage. When she got married to Saheed Balogun, in August 2000, I
was there with Bimbo Oshin and the likes. I will tell you that she loved her
marriage wholeheartedly, but one thing led to another and then the crisis. But
I don’t want to say it is anybody’s fault. I would rather tell you that I keep
a friend who supports my marriage, despite the fact that hers didn’t work out.
I had an issue with my husband like three years ago, but it was Fathia who told
me not move out of my marriage, come rain or sunshine.
I don’t keep bad friends. Men out there come to jeopardise our efforts by
dating us and running away. You cannot see any of us, the females in the Nollywood
Yoruba, who is not ready to settle down. Some of us are in our marital homes
and managing to sustain them. Do you know the meaning of managing in a
marriage? It means whether we see or not, we still stay in. It was about five
of us who got married in 2007: Moji Olaiya, Doris Simeon, Laide Bakare, one
other person and me. I know what kept everyone going and what made them leave
too. Moji Olaiya was trying to make ends meet in that marriage. So, maybe she
could not cope anymore when she opted out.”
come hers is the only marriage standing?
is why I said perseverance and endurance matter a lot in any marriage or
relationship. There is no woman who is celebrating 20 years of marital life and
who has not gone through challenges. So, if I want to say anything about my
marriage, I will rather keep mute and say that my husband is doing his best and
so am I. Remember there is no paragon of perfection. I got married to an Akure
man and I had to learn all their ethics.”