Actress Toyin Adewale Adds A Year ..Displays Lovely Pictures

You cannot doubt her skills while on set. Quite talented and
pretty, veteran Nollywood Yoruba actress, Toyin Adewale is a year older today.

Respected among her colleagues, she is wife to Sunday, a
producer/director/filmmaker and they have been an item for 23 years. Toyin’s
firstborn, Mayokun, is the latest artiste signed on Davido music label, HKN.
Fashionable, she dresses decently too. Known to be a
cross-over artiste, she recently featured in Funke Akindele’s Jennifer’s Diary
and many soap operas.
Ask her husband, Sunday if he would object to his wife
acting in movies?
He said, “Men who do that are not real. They do not have the
interest of their wives at heart. If they do, they will even allow their
children to join the industry. It is not a new thing. Some men object to it
because of one or two atrocities they might have committed with women—they fear
their past haunting them.

“In addition, if a man understands the industry, he will
not even worry about men admiring his wife. If you do not want anybody to
admire your wife, go and marry an ugly woman. Even ugly women have admirers. What
is required is a deep sense of understanding. A woman should know that she is
in the profession to make money and not to meet men.”

To have stayed together for 23 years is a success story what
with lots of break-up witnessed in celebrity marriages. To Toyin, the mother of
three, the grace of God surpasses human efforts in keeping a home.
She said, “I always say, the fact that I have been married
for this long does not mean that I am perfect. In addition, it is not the fault
of celebrities whose marriages have crashed. One thing or the other must have
gone wrong. Our 23 years of marriage is God’s doing and not mine.”

Happy birthday Mama Tee!