Actress Bimbo Akintola Says, ‘I am 43 not 46, What has age got to do with marriage?’

Initially, I didn’t want to use the figure 46. I was skeptical.
Bimbo Akintola can’t be 46. We went to the premier university, the University
of Ibadan together and I graduated before her. She can’t be 46, ‘I thought as I
started to write last night. Again, I went to check Wikipedia and I saw that
she was born May 5, 1970. So, I decided to publish 46.
I thought Wikipedia couldn’t be wrong.
Just less than 40 minutes ago, my beautiful broadcaster friend,
who is also the Director, Communications, the Transmission Company of Nigeria,
Seun Olagunju, sent me a message:
“Kemi, Bimbo can’t be 46 o! We were in U.I (University
of Ibadan) together and she was doing her certificate course when I was in year
3. She got into year one or two when I was in my final year. We were on the set
of a couple of stage plays together in U.I. 
She can’t be 43.”
I told Seun my observations before writing the piece. 
Then, I decided to put a call through to Bimbo.
She picked and I asked her what age she celebrated
yesterday, May 5.
Her response:
”What is so special about my age?”
I told her I had observed the error in Wikipedia and
she should refute it.
“Kemi, why should I refute it when I made it clear
years ago when I started acting that I was born in 1973?” Bimbo said in a
gentle voice.
I said, as a journalist, I believe age is crucial
especially when you are still single and searching.
This must have amused her and she laughed.
“So, who says age has anything to do with marriage?”
I said, “Bimbo, men could be scared to marry a 46-year-old
She laughed and said, “How many marriages and couples
are happy? Let them come out and say it.

“I am happy. I don’t have cares in this world. My
passport has my true age. My sister knows her age. She knows mine and our mum
knows when we were born. So why should I bother myself with age having to do
with marriage?”
“Not to worry, I am going to report it in my blog that
you are 43 and not 46,” I said and we hung up.
Folks, let re-wish Bimbo Akintola a happy 43rd