Actress Anita Joseph,Friends Show off Bikini-bodies

Anita (middle) flanked by friends

An actress and a model, Anita Joseph has been
endowed with what many women would pay millions to have by going under the

The curvaceous Anita, describing herself in an interview,
said she is sexy. Also, she didn’t deny enjoying a large followership of male
fans and even admitted to have dated some!
The best person to date,
sometimes, is your fan. He loves what you are doing and you can act for him at
Not bothered about the fact
that some controversies trailed her in the past, Anita said, “I sing, I am a
model and I’m sexy. So many people say lots of negative things about me but I
am not bothered. I have grown a thick skin. It only makes me stronger because I
didn’t do those things,” she said.
This picture, which she
posted recently on Instagram, seems to be a bomb—she showed off her banging body
and opens up the cleavage.  ‘Having fun
with friends by the pool side is no big deal,’ she seems to say in the picture. 
The Anambra-born actress explained
why she dresses like this:
I wear whatever suits me or
fits into any occasion I am attending. Also, my mood and the occasion determine
what I wear. I love short gowns, bum shorts. I like
it when people look at me, it makes me feel good. If you are a lady and nobody
looks at you, then you should go back and look at your mirror.”