Actress Amanda Ebeye Celebrates 31st Birthday With Lovely Photos Of Baby

Remember her? She’s Amanda Ebeye, Nollywood actress who featured alongside Lillian Esoro and others in the soap, Clinic Matters.

Amanda Ebeye
Amanda Ebeye

When she had her baby outside wedlock, her fans lambasted her.

Now a single mom, she gave reasons for her single status in an interview last year:

Amanda Ebeye
Amanda Ebeye

“I didn’t marry the father of my child because he’s not my husband and not meant to be. I could’ve been in the most useless relationship right now if I wanted to but told myself, instead of giving my son this shameless pretender and liar of a man as a father, l will take care of him and he would be fine. One day, a good man will come and you will be invited to my wedding but for now, I’m single and all that matters to me is my son. ”
Reflecting on her failed love journey, Amanda said,

“Most people don’t know what other people go through but they are fast to bury them. We all hide behind our beautiful make-up and clothes that people forget that we all cry sometimes. And the most painful part is that it is mostly women that do these criticisms. Some are even going through worse situations but they come on social media, wearing make-up and fine clothes and start commenting but when they go home, their husbands would slap them for not cooking their food early, and they receive it with smiles, walk away and say I’m fighting for my man. Hypocrites!”

Well, it’s Amanda’s 31st birthday today April 30 while her son is 6 months old.

Her birthday message to herself?

“You’re the reason I wake up in the morning ready to c another day….. you’re the reason I look at pple that hurt me nd let it go……………..
You’re the reason I grew up overnight………
You’re the reason I want to work harder………
You’re d reason I sit and ponder about how my daughter in law would look lol……
You’re d reason I’m excited to carry my grand children one day…..
You’re d reason I want to grow old.. so I can always be in your life…….
And finally you are the reason I no longer fear death? cause when it eventually comes, I now have someone that would bury me❤” (sic)