Actor Emeka Ike Is Acting In Movies Again (Photos)

He took a long break from his passion.
Emeka Ike on set (1)

Emeka Ike on set (5)
So many things happened afterwards and the most challenging was his marriage to Emma. She sought for divorce, dragged him to court and she won. But then, Emeka was left with four kids to take care of since he won the custody. Then, he was bitter and expressed his feelings in some of his writings on social media.

The good news is that it was a happy Emeka who announced that he is back to Nollywood!
Emeka Ike on set (7)
Sharing photos of his location activities, he wrote:
Emeka Ike on set (10)

Emeka Ike on set (12)
“You asked for it… you’ve waited for it… here it comes… e.i is back on the block. We wont let home video go extinct… the 1million jacket in a week man is back… Nigeria, Ghana, kenya, Tanzania, Libtown, Africa here we go again. Grab your copy is back… No apologies.
” (sic)

Emeka, whose popularity was through the home video, also advocated for patronage:

“Act1 scene 30… to GOD be the glory… here we go again. You ve waited for it, here it comes …. the KING is back. Dont miss it… home video will NOT go extinct… forget not your humble begining. Lets go back to the bases,” he wrote .
Emeka Ike on set (9)
Welcome back, Emeka Ike.