9ice Ex-Wife, Toni Payne Finds Love Again

Her 2008 marriage to ‘Gongo aso’ crooner, 9ice, was enmeshed in controversies and accusations of infidelity.
Then they parted ways. The couple’s son, Zion, who is the only product of the marriage, currently lives with his mum.

While 9ice sought succour in the arms of Olasunkanmi Ajala, who has a daughter for him, Toni, who was once 9ice’ manager, remained a single parent. She at one point also worked as manager to popular musician Olamide.

But in a series of tweets, Toni has revealed her new found love and the need for a second chance.

“Ladies, fall in love with someone who has fallen deeply in love with u. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with it. Thank me later
It’s so beautiful when the person u will spend the rest of ur life with spends half the time saying they love u & the other half showing it.
When it’s deep,real deep love,u will know. All doubts will be cleared because it will flow. When he says I love u, u will feel it in ur soul
Iv seen what it is to work hard for love and Iv seen what it is to be truly loved by just being u. The difference is like night and day.
The first one feels like turmoil, constant emotional ups & downs. The second is peace. Even with “challenges,” the peace never leaves
I should just go ahead and write a self help book about relationships. Lol… Too many gems from experience to share.
Self love is key… it will lead you to the right kind of love. When you love urself, truly, you will never settle.
Even after one marriage mishap, I should be pessimistic about love, but I’m not. Don’t let anyone convince u that it doesn’t exist. It does!
Ours is not perfect, but it is imperfectly beautiful.
2nd time is a charm.
” (sic)

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