7 Excuses Nigerian Single Ladies Give To Justify Why They Don’t Have Boyfriends

Nigerian single ladies make use of
some excuses to justify and also make themselves look innocent whenever  they are being asked reasons on why they don’t
have a boyfriend yet. I didn’t form this write up by guessing but I did more research and questioning
from some of my girlfriends who are single.

1. I Don’t Want To Get Involved In A

They do make use of this excuse of not liking to get involved in any
relationship with a guy. And would you believe, most of them love watching
“Philippian and Korean” Romance Movies, and they do feel like shedding
tears when a break-up scene comes up? A lady of 35years old, still claiming
she does not want to be in a relationship? She needs deliverance from a
pastor in the North. Or does she want to be a sister (nun)? There’s nothing
impossible for God to do.

2. Guys Are Distraction

How can a guy distract you when you have something doing? A guy can never
distract you, if you don’t distract yourself. Nigerian ladies do make use of
this excuse to justify the wrong.

3. I Prefer Foreign Guys

This is so appalling and displeasing when you hear a typical Nigerian lady
saying she prefers a foreigner. I pity you! Many ladies that do say this are
single but in order to protect and justify their single status, they do claim foreigners
are the best. I think we even have them on Naira land forum. 

4. Nigerian Guys Are Players

Lol! This is a trend among them and they say, “Nigerian Guys are Players.” There is a
reason why a guy would disappoint you and that’s because you’ve already given
him the ball to play. Not every Nigerian guy is a player, you just have to
observe and don’t rush into his arms. Just know that,’Clearer Eyes Choose The Best

5. I Don’t Have Time For Guys Now

Imagine a 30-year-old lady, saying this particular statement and she does watch
movies 24 hours every day. Then what do you have time for? Watching romantic
movies? You need to be counselled, Miss.


6. I Want To Face My Work

Whenever I do hear this, I laugh. Sister, are you telling me that it’s your
work you want to marry and that will give you a better life?


7. Still Waiting For God’s Time
Well! It’s very good to wait for God’s time because God’s time is the best. But
how would you have a spouse when you turned down every guy that comes your way?
Mr. xxx came, you said ‘No.” Mr. V came, you said “No.” You have
almost clocked 40 years old and still deceiving yourself that ‘I’m Waiting
For God’s Time.’ I pity you.

I drop my pen at this juncture.

Feel free to add yours.

Written And Compiled By
DanceVille (Naira land forum)