6 Foods To Avoid While On A Date

The perfect dress,
the perfect hairdo, face on fleek and bringing your A-game and then out of the
blues some spinach stuck in between your teeth ruins what should have been a
perfect evening!
Food is important and
here are 6 things you should totally avoid on a first date!
1) Spaghetti!
Most people can’t eat spaghetti without a
slurp and that slurp splatters sauce all over your mouth and chest not to
mention ruining your makeup. Forget that romantic scene from Disney’s ‘the Lady
and the tramp’, spaghetti is not romantic food!
2) Draw soup 
A favorite among Nigerians and guaranteed to
leave a mark. Okra, ogbona or mixed, anything that leaves a trail from your
plate to your mouth should be avoided at all costs!

3) Shawarma
Show me a person that can finish a whole
Shawarma without making a mess and I’ll show you the real MVP! Most people
can’t manage this small feat which is why Shawarma is a no-no!

4) Suya
Suya is delicious and not at all messy so you
must be wondering why it’s on the list, well it isn’t the Suya per se, it’s the
onions that go with the suya. Most people can’t eat Suya without munching on
the onions and onions are almost as famous as garlic for giving bad breath. Bad
breath does not a great first date make! So say no to suya please!!!

5) Food with lots of garlic 
 Thankfully a lot of restaurants include
the ingredients for each dish in the menu. Garlic oozes from your pores not to
mention giving you bad breath. I don’t have to emphasize staying away, it’s for
your own good!

6) Experimental food
Any food that you have never eaten before is not
fair game for a first date please! A number of things could go wrong. I know a
girl who ordered calamari on a first date because it looked fancy and ended up
in the ER with anaphylactic shock. Even if you don’t get allergies, you just
may hate it and have to pretend to love it to save face or there may be a
certain way that sort of food is eaten. Avoid the embarrassment, stick to the

Your first date isn’t the time to show him what an unrepentant foodie you are,
if you can’t eat it without making a mess then pretend it isn’t on the menu! 
SOURCE: http://www.nigeriakitchen.com