10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bimbo Oshin As She Marks 46th Birthday

Bimbo Oshin (2)
Married to Ola Ibironke of the Dudu Heritage fame, Nollywood Yoruba actress, Bimbo Oshin was 46 years old on July 24. A mother of two, here are some things you never knew about her.

1. Bimbo loved exposing her body as a youth but not now as a married woman.
“Right from my youth, I have been this kind of person, I liked exposing my body but now as a mother, I have to cover up because of my children.”
2. Her good physique is as a result of constant gym visits. “I know I am on the big side now. It is tough sometimes but I make sure I go to the gym as often as I can. It is not regular but I try my best. I know what to eat and when to eat. Sometimes when I try to keep to my diet, I find out that I am still adding weight. I try to cut down on the way I take junk food and also take lots of water. I have been working on my weight and it has not been easy. As a mother sometimes you cook for your kids and they just want you to eat with them so I have to break my diet rules because of that. They could also cajole me to take them out and that is how my diet rules would be broken. I try my best to keep fit and I am still trying.
Bimbo Oshin (3)
3. She loves wearing jeans and native attire.
“I love wearing jeans, I feel so comfortable in it but on occasions when I have to go out, I feel comfortable wearing dresses. I also love native. I feel comfortable in all attire but it is easier to just wear my jeans and move on.”

4. She is not a make-up fan
“I am not a fan of make-up but the kind of job that I do makes me apply it. When I am on set, I have to apply make-up but when I am not, I don’t really apply make-up. If I am going for a wedding, award ceremony or other events, I apply make-up. On a good day, I am not a big fan of make-up.

5.Her face, her selling point
“I have a round face with dimples, so I consider my face as my selling point.”

6.Her son as her fashion police
“I can wear clothes that expose my boobs. I will not be comfortable in that and I have a son that will say, ‘mummy what is that? Even when I am indoors and I wear a top that is revealing my cleavage, my son will point to my boobs and ask why I am wearing that.”

7.She says, ‘I don’t bleach’

“I was never born a dark-skinned person. I try my best not to be fairer than I am mostly because I will not feel comfortable with it. Most people know that I am not a very fair person and if I become lighter than I am, they will begin to raise an eyebrow. My husband is also like my ‘C-caution’ so if I am going overboard, he will call me to order. I am not bleaching, I have never bleached. There is a way I maintain my skin by toning it.”

8.She loves native attire
Bimbo Oshin (4)

“I wear them a lot because I look good in them but I do not wear them every day. I wear them mostly when I have events. I love wearing made in Nigeria products because this is our country and we need to encourage our local content producers. If the attire is good, I will definitely rock it.”

9.Most cherished fashion item?
“It is a wristwatch my husband gave me as gift”

10. Her fashion fetish?
“I love bags a lot. I also love perfumes.”