10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Toyin Lawani’s Love Life As She Clocks 35 (Stunning Photos)

Kemiashefonlovehaven unveils the love life of Tiannah’s Place, boss, Toyin Lawani as she clocks 35 years old on March 1

1. ATM is the acronym of her full name — Ajoke Toyin Muinat.

toyin lawaani 35 yrs2

2. She started business at the tender age of 16!

toyin lawaani 35 yrs4

3. She says she does not run after men for money.
toyin lawaani 35 yrs5

She explains, “People have said all sorts about me— that I used to be dark-skinned, a street girl who came from nowhere and runs after men for money. I work hard for my money; no one should be given any credit for what I have today. I am a responsible mother, who is out to lay a good foundation for my daughter and to impart the right values in her. How would I achieve all that if I run after men like people think?”

4. She was once married. Toyin reveals: “I got married at 20 and I was in it for five years. It just didn’t work out so we went our separate ways. My father wasn’t quite pleased at my marrying at that time but when he found out about the man’s background, he relaxed. My only daughter is the product of that relationship.”

toyin lawaani 35 yrs6

5. She dated, was engaged to Lord Trigg, and had a baby boy, Lord Maine, for him. Toyin is 10 years older than Lord Trigg who had already parted ways with her.

6 Her daughter, Toyin believes, means everything to her. In her words, “In fact she motivates me to attaining my highest goals. The only way I enjoy unwinding is spending time with her. I try to make out time out of my busy schedule to connect with her and set her on the right path in life.”
toyin lawaani 35 yrs8

7. Toyin is a serial entrepreneur, business mogul, fashion mogul, fashion icon, fashionista extraordinary, fashion goddess, super mom, celebrity stylist, creative designer, real estate agent, food expert, beauty & skin expert, spa expert , salon owner, photographer, builder, fashion and style teacher.

toyin lawaani 35 yrs7

8. She used to be best friends with actress, Tonto Dike but the duo fell apart almost three years ago over allegations of ‘guy-snatching’ and more.
toyin lawaani 36 yrs3
9. She is starting her reality show on Ebony Life TV to share her life story.
toyin lawaani 35 yrs001
10. She was born on March 1, 1982