10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Psquare Paul & Anita’s Three-year-old Marriage

Paul Okoye is the other half of the singing duo, Psquare. Married to Anita, they are celebrating their third wedding anniversary today.

Kemiashefonlovehaven unveils facts that make their marriage work:

1. No intrusion on each other’s social media accounts:

Anita doesn’t go through Paul’s phones and vice versa. Paul reveals, “We have our phones and I do not know what she does on social media. Mistrust is one the reasons marriages break down. She answers my telephone only when I ask her to and not at her discretion.”

2. They hang out often:


Anita is a lawyer married to a music artiste. They still carve out time for each other.Paul says, “We have regular lunch dates, especially after church on Sundays. We always spend time together when I am not in the studio or on tour. We also like to travel during festive seasons. Sometimes, my wife and son travel with my brother’s family, so that Peter and I can work.”

3. They share common hobbies:

When a couple shares common ‘likes’ in recreation, love grows. Anita says, “We are quite an active couple. We love sports, riding bicycles, beach volleyball, running around with our son, niece and nephew and generally just goofing around. We also love watching CNN, Comedy Central and crime channels together.

4. Anita cooks:

Till eternity, every man appreciates good food irrespective of who made it. Paul says, “I sing and she does not. I play musical instruments and she does not. However, she has her way with food and cooking.”

5. Finance should be addressed accordingly:

Though no joint account, there is transparency in all dealings of these accounts, at least to a certain level. Paul reveals: “We have our separate accounts, including my son but my wife is aware of very single transaction that takes place in these accounts. However, I remit a certain amount to her every month.

6. No harm being the first to say sorry:

‘I’m sorry’ is just two words pieced together. It shouldn’t be hard for anyone in a relationship to utter. Paul discloses, “I always apologise first, whether I am wrong or not. I do not like to keep malice. I would rather leave the scene of a heated argument than continue talking and end up bitter. I would return to talk things over, when the environment is calm.”

paul and anita.2jpg

7. Humility:

Pride destroys! Paul reveals his attraction to Anita, “I was blown away by his humility, kindness and genuine character.”

8. Drop all airs:

Be yourself and add a dose of humour. Anita says of her beau “He is very funny and there is no airs and graces to him. He is an amazingly humble, reserved and compassionate man.”

9. Physical attraction? Yes but build your Intelligence Quotient:

Both men and women love brilliant minds. To apply make-up is good but IQ is the best. Work on this. Paul says, “I have always liked light-skinned girls but aside from that, I have always desired an intelligent lady to complement me. She is very proactive and has the ability to produce fantastic results from simple ideas.”

10. Learn to speak loving words to each other

As they celebrate their third anniversary today, Anita wrote on Instagram, “13 years of knowing you and 3 years of Marriage….. We definitely have stories to tell…. I love you Papa…. #NoOneBeLikeYou. Happy Anniversary my darling.” (sic)
Paul responded: “Girl if any man put asunder AWAY!!!#3yearsanniversary #noonebelikeyou#” (sic)
Happy Wedding Anniversary to Paul and Anita