SeyiLaw Announces Divorce…Apologises To Wife For Insane Behaivour

For a marriage of almost nine years, not a few expressed shock when, on Sunday morning, popular comedian, Seyilaw, decided to make an announcement terminating his marriage with Ebiere.

Sharing a photo of himself and daughter, Tiwaloluwa, Seyilaw
said he was sorry to announce that they are no longer man and wife.
He wrote:
“Due to irreconcilable differences would have been enough to announce this, but the kind and beautiful heart of my ex-wife must be stated. She is one of the best women I have ever known. It is however sad, that I announce that my wife and I have decided to path ways for good. We will appreciate your love and support at this time. God bless you. Tiwaloluwa is safe and good.”

Just as the Internet went viral with the news and questions were asked, Seyi confessed it was fake news and that he wanted to promote his London show.
He wrote:
Human beings love bad news sha.
I have been promoting my shows since very few talks. Abegi, I dey UK for media rounds.
My wife and I are intact. Kai, people can’t even read between the lines. I said PATH WAY not part way. My Ex – wife, abeg which one.
Please help me spread this one like the fake news. I need to sell tickets. I am sorry the joke is too expensive.

But this must have hurt his wife and many fans of his.
Seyilaw, then retraced his steps and went ahead to write an apology to his wife.
He wrote:

I need to apologise to my wife who found the joke highly embarrassing and way out of line. Thanks for bearing my excesses. You are beautiful, kind and definitely the best of your type. God bless you abundantly. I appreciate you always. May God never give us a reason to part ways, but PATH many ways for the future generations to tread.”