Real Reasons Genevieve Nnaji’s Birthday Lost Its Shine

Her birthday was May 3. Beautiful, classy and highly sought after actress Genevieve Nnaji makes the headline anyday. Her birthday had always brought much hype and everyone scampering to give a birthday shout-out.
It was her 38th and some had already posted birthday messages from midnight.
Genevieve Nnaji birthday2
As usual, the single mother of one lapped up all the messages, the exquisite photos and endearing comments.

But the messages were few. By the time it dawned on some bloggers, fans and followers that it was Genevieve’s birthday, another juicy and more exhilarating piece of news landed on Instagram—pretty and young actress, Adesua Etomi, announced that she said , “Yes’ to R&B singer, Banky W!
It was unexpected. Despite the fact they both acted in a movie as bride and groom, they never let out emotions that could breed suspicious.
So, the Internet blew up! Everywhere was all about the “Wedding Party’ couple! Their engagement photos were everywhere! Everyone talked about them including celebrities from all walks of life who started sending emotional messages in commemoration of what happened.

By the time the Banky/Adesua fever subsided, everyone had forgotten that it was Genevieve’s birthday. Though some of her friends and colleagues still put up her photos and captioned with birthday messages, it was obvious the sparkles that used to accompany her special day had been lost.

Little wonder, she didn’t congratulate Adesua or Banky.
So, she just posted this to appreciate those who remembered and wished her well:
Sending my love and gratitude from the set of @lionheartthemovie . Thank you for all your birthday wishes. You are the reason I do what I do. Love you so much.” (sic)
Anyway, happy belated birthday to the queen of the screen.