Pastor Adeboye Reveals How He Was Told Oyedepo’s Wife ‘Died’


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye, must have been the happiest person when Bishop Oyedepo’s wife, Faith, clocked 60 years on February 2.

The Adeboyes at the celebration on Monday

Fondly called Daddy G.O, Adeboye, who ministered at the birthday thanksgiving service on Monday, February 5, revealed how God saved Mrs Oyedepo from death.



Bishop Oyedepo, had, during the service, revealed how he got connected with the Adeboyes and how God used Baba Adeboye during his wife’s illness.



Oyedepo said, “The Lord connected us by divine direction to the spiritual family tree of Baba Adeboye. During the time of my wife’s challenge she was already published as dead and they went to Redemption Camp to distribute it.”


Referring to Faith Oyedepo as ‘my daughter,’ Adeboye in his sermon corroborated Oyedepo’s claim and said, “Many people tried to write off my daughter. They distributed leaflets at redemption camp to inform me that my daughter is dead. But my daddy up there didn’t tell me so.”


Recalling how they visited Mrs Oyedepo during her health challenge in Britain, Baba Adeboye said, “During the attack when my wife and I visited my daughter in Britain, she could not shake our hands.”


Married to Bishop Oyedepo for over 35 years, Faith, who is now a grandmother, recalled the roles played by the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye and his wife, Folu.

Thanking them for standing with her during her ordeal, Faith Oyedepo said, “I am so grateful and I cannot but appreciate the presence of my Daddy and Mummy G.O. My own Daddy and my own Mummy. During the attack, you were there, strong , hale and hearty. See what effect your prayers have done today. 60 years to the shame of the devil. Six decades! The Lord will keep you for us in Jesus name.”