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Raj fumes on Siddharth for fuming on Roshni. He says if things were discussed calmly things can be worked out. Siddharth fumes on Raj that Roshni’s family always does this and always treats him like ‘dhobi ka kutta’ but this time, he won’t take any chances especially with Misha’s life.

Misha resists saying he is rushing up and that she is leaving. Siddharth takes her ticket and tears it up. He says she is not going anywhere and they are getting married next day and whoever wish to attend can attend and rest can do what they want. Siddharth walks off and Misha follows. Beeji breaks down ruing that what she thought and what is happening. Why is this happening. Simran reassures her everything will be fine.

The next day, Misha is decked up in bridal attire. She smirks thinking that things worked out so easily and that Siddharth will be her’s forever. Finally she won Roshni and she is nowhere near and now she can’t stop her. Misha puts the ghunghat on her head and smiles seeing her reflection. Kritika comes to Misha and says it’s Muhurat. Lets go. Misha smiles happily.

Siddharth is sitting in the wedding mandap and Misha comes and sits next to him, ready to marry each other. All watch sadly. Pundit asks Kritika to do gatbandhan of Siddharth and Misha. At the same time, Siddharth’s phone rings and turn out to be Roshni calls. He ignores the call. Simran asks Raj who is calling. Raj says Roshni. Roshni calls again. Misha feels irritated. Siddharth ends Roshni’s call and switches off his mobile. All are shocked. Roshni calls Raj and he receives the call. Roshni tells Raj she wants to talk to Siddharth. Raj informs Siddharth but he clearly says he don’t wants to talk to her.

Misha feels delighted. Raj tells Roshni that Siddharth doesn’t wanna talk to her. Roshni says he may not want to talk to her but she want to talk to Siddharth and asks him to put the phone on speaker. He does.

Roshni asks Siddharth what he is doing and how can he think like this. How can he think of going away from his Roshni. How did these distance come between them. How can he think of living without his Roshni. She asks Siddharth how can they live without each other and that he told her their love will always win. How can their love lose.

Roshni says she won’t let this distance come between their love and whatever happened between them was anger. They can talk and sort things out. He and she are made for each other and how can he go to someone else. She asks Siddharth to reply. Roshni further asks Siddharth if he is coming to her or not and that if Siddharth leaves her, she will kill herself. She says she has a gun.

Siddharth is shocked. Roshni warns him if Siddharth does not meets her within 20 minutes then he will never be able to reach her and that she would commit suicide and that if he is not in her life, her life is of no use. Roshni says the choice is Siddharth’s, Misha or her. She cuts the call. Siddharth is in panic. Gets up and rushes out and everyone follow him. Misha is in shock and is angry for being jilted at the mandap.


Naani tries to stop Roshni. Durgardevi pleads to her as well. Roshni tells them to stay away or she will kill herself. Roshni says 20 minutes are about to end, if Siddharth doesn’t come, she will kill herself. Siddharth left her forever, she will kill herself. Siddharth reaches there and so do everyone. He pleads with Roshni to listen to him. Roshni asks why he left her and went to start a new life with Misha. She is hyper that she will kill herself. Siddharth and all are pleading to her.

Misha watches calmly. Roshni silently prays, press the trigger and requests Misha to give her Siddharth. Right then Siddharth leaps forward and changes the direction of the gun. The bullet is fired but in air. Siddharth throws the gun from Roshni’s grip to the floor. Roshni is hyper and breaks down. He tries to calm her and everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Siddharth is in tears and asks her not to ever do anything like this again.

He promises to marry her today itself and everyone pray relieved. Misha is furious and looks at the gun lying on the floor. She picks up the revolver when Siddharth declares to Roshni that he loves her and would never think of marrying any other girl. Roshni pleads to Siddharth to never leave her. Siddharth promises. Misha fires the bullet in the air and everyone gets shocked. Siddharth asks Misha to lower the gun. Misha points the gun at Roshni.

Misha tells Siddharth that Roshni has always played with his emotions and hence she is not legitimate to be his wife as she doesn’t love him and that she really loves him. She says she has tried to get him since many years. Hearing this, Roshni confronts Misha and tells her that her mother was right about her and that Siddharth loves her and would always love her.

Roshni asks Misha to fire the gun at her if she dares so thinks she will get Siddharth after her death. She asks her to shoot at her. Siddharth asks what is wrong with you. Simran gets tensed thinking what will happen and tries to stop Roshni from provoking Misha to shoot at her. Misha loads the gun to shoot Roshni while everyone tensely looks on. Finally! Misha pulls the trigger and fires the gun at Roshni on her stomach. Roshni starts bleeding and everybody gets tensed seeing Roshni injured attends to her. Siddharth panics and everyone cries.

Misha asks everyone to keep their phone down and that nobody shall move from here. She says she wants to see Roshni dying in front of her eyes. Siddharth tells Roshni that she can’t leave him.
Misha acts madly and says Roshni should have listened to her mother and that her father too didn’t listen to her ( Misha ). She goes on that she held her parents captive, then why can’t Shiv. She then confesses before everybody that she was the one creating havoc between the two families and adds that she killed Shiv because of Roshni.

Roshni is in extreme pain hearing her father’s murder by Misha. Misha tells her that she will send Durgardevi also after she dies and that she will kill everyone, and marry Siddharth for forever. Siddharth says it will never happen. Everyone looks on.

Roshni shows the bullet in her hands and it is reveal she was prepared for the attack. Misha gets shocked seeing Roshni safe and fine, without any bullet injury. Beeji, Naani and everyone are elated seeing Roshni fine.

Siddharth then says game is over and thanks Misha for confessing the crime. Misha says this can’t happen and shoots again. Siddharth says shocked! He says further this bullet and blood is all fake. He calls the Inspector to arrest Misha.

Siddharth says that there is nothing left now after she confessed her crime and don’t deserve to be his friend also, and that he will never marry her in any of the births. Everyone looks on. Misha starts acting and says they are lying. Simran slaps her and says she didn’t expect this from her. Raj says nobody will believe her kind of people. Roshni says they have laid a trap against her to expose her and it is all game plan.

A flashback is shown, where in Roshni comes to Siddharth. He shows her papers of Misha’s medical report, plays Shiv’s recording asking Durgardevi to save Roshni from mad girl. Roshni says her Mom was right. Siddharth says he don’t know how to come out of this mess? Roshni shares plan with Siddharth, which is muted for the audience.

Siddharth says he couldn’t believe at first as Misha were his best friend and Roshni convinced him for this play. He knew that she is very clever and have to accept the crime. Siddharth says this was their idea to expose Misha and asks the Inspector to take her from there. Misha tells him she love Siddharth and he can’t do this with her. The Police takes her away. Siddharth and Roshni hug each other. Everyone looks on happily. Durgardevi looks on.

The next day, Roshni wakes up and gets Siddharth’s call. Siddharth tells her that he vacated his cupboard for her and asks her to come soon. Roshni says yes, she can’t wait any longer and they will make a new start but without her father. She says he would be happy seeing them happy. Siddharth says he would have wished for their union and asks her to remember him with a smile.

Roshni says her mother also says the same. Siddharth says their thinking is same but not nature. Roshni asks him to shut up. Siddharth asks her to come soon. Beeji asks Siddharth to go somewhere. Roshni asks what she is talking about? Siddharth says nothing and disconnects the call.

Roshni thinks Siddharth is weird to talk romantically at one point and disconnecting call at the other moment.

Durgardevi is now satisfied after bringing justice to Misha, the killer of Shiv. She cry and wishes Siddharth never met Roshni so that this would not have happen. Naani comes and tells her that Siddharth and Roshni exposed Misha.

Durgardevi says Siddharth is directly or indirectly involved as misha is his friend. Naani asks why she don’t want to listen and says Siddharth is the one who brought Shiv in the house. Durgardevi asks if Shiv’s portrait is delivered. Naani says yes, and asks her to tell where to hang it. She talks to Shiv’s picture and asks him to make Durgardevi understand the right path. Durgardevi still mourns for Shiv’s death, she stands before the photography of Shiv and claims everything is now finished and his criminal has been brought to justice.

On the other hand, Siddharth along with his family, brings the orchestra ( band baja ) to Durgardevi’s house with the hope of marrying Roshni again. Roshni looks on surprisingly. Durgardevi stares at him. Siddharth asks if Durgar mother doing something special. Naani greets them. Beeji says that she came to ask for something today and asks for Roshni’s alliance for her grandson Siddharth. Everyone is elected. Beeji tells that they want to make Roshni the daughter in-law of the house and want to take her home. Roshni blushes. Siddharth teases her. Naani assures Beeji Roshni belong to her and she can take her. Raj says she said right thing. Durgardevi descends the stairs and says Roshni is her daughter and not anyone’s safe keeping and she will not leave from here.

Siddharth asks what happened now mother ( Durgardevi )? Durgardevi confronts Siddharth that whatever they have bear is because of him and refuses to accept the alliance. She says whenever he come to her house, something bad happens and if Misha wasn’t his best friend, then Shiv might be with them. Siddharth says whatever happened was wrong but they have to move on and even Shiv dad wanted the same and that he wishes to marry Roshni again. Durgardevi says she want to make him realize that Shiv is gone and it is all because of him. This is bitter truth of their life. This marriage can’t happen and this is her decision. Everyone looks on shockingly. Durgardevi goes inside.