Lola Okoye Tells P-Square Warring Brothers, “I Pray God Softens Your Heart”

A day after celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary, Lola Okoye has declared that she is lost for words over her husband, Peter Okoye, and his twin brother, Paul.
The brothers, formerly known together as P-Square, are engaged in a bitter sibling rivalry.
They finally broke up as a music duo last year after several attempts at going their separate ways in the past.
The brothers have since launched solo careers which with little or no success.
Bothered about their ego-driven war, Lola posted a picture of the two brothers together with two of their kids on their birthday.
She prayed for them while insisting they are one.
“Happy Birthday guys,” she wrote.
“I am lost for words when it comes to your matter. I pray the Almighty God continues to guide and protect you. I pray that our father in heaven speaks to you individually and softens your hearts.”
Peter had promised in a wedding anniversary message on Saturday to protect his wife from all those who want to throw insults at her.
His brother, Paul and Jude, had been accused in the past of hating the woman and blaming her for coming between them.
Her husband, however, insists that he made the right decision by marrying her, describing the statement that “blood is thicker than water” as nonsense.