I’ve Not Dropped My Ambition To Be President— Governor Rochas


Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has said he would declare  his interest for the presidential election of 2019.


Speaking in an interview with an online news portal, Mediaroomhub,  the Executive governor reminded Nigerians that he never dropped his ambition to rule the country in 2019.


He said,No, I’ve not dropped my ambition to become the president, I’m only respecting the gentleman called President Muhammadu Buhari whom I think has what it takes to change leadership in this country. And I’m waiting for his declaration, if he’s running, then I should support him.”


Arguing that President Buhari remains the best Nigeria ever had,  Okorocha disclosed that his 2019 ambition is hanging on Buhari and his reaction to calls of running a second term I office.


“I have so many windows open in 2019 as I wait for Mr. President to make his declaration, I want to be politically relevant and I have made the decision never to watch my country sink. This I would do without l osing my foundation which is a huge challenge on its own. If Buhari declares to run for the office again in 2019 I will support him because the man has a character to develop Nigeria. He has a thick skin that we need. We have a faulty foundation and I see Buhari as that man who can build the foundation that we need. But I don’t see him as someone who will build this nation with a fantastic finishing with nice furniture. He’s just going to build a solid foundation upon which success and prosperity for the land shall be accomplished. And that’s where people like me would come in,” he said.