I’m 20, In Love With A 65-year-old Man

Dear Kemi,

I am in my early 20s and dating a man, who is 65 years old. I love him because I thought he would take care of my needs. We have been dating for three years but I have not achieved anything from the relationship. Recently, I got pregnant and when I told him, he started acting strangely and it took the intervention of his brother for him to give me money to have an abortion. Now, after I had it, I became worthless to him. Do I leave him or talk to him about this?

P.L, Benin

Did the man promise marrying you when you met him three years ago? Are you bound to him by covenant or an oath? Or have you resigned yourself to fate that there are no younger men to ask for your hand in marriage? Well, the answers have already been given in his recent behaivour to you and I believe a sensible girl, who wants a bright future, will not be having abortions for a 65-year-old, who is already a grandfather. Better retrace your steps from this affair and stop deceiving yourself.


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