How I Became Richest Pastor In The World—Dr David Oyedepo

The President of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo was, in January 2018, listed by Forbes as the Richest Pastor in the world.

With a net worth of $150 million, Oyedepo topped the list with TD Jakes, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Pastor Adeboye coming behind him.

But the man of God has revealed during one of the church services at the church headquarters in Ota Ogun State, the secret of his prosperity.

According to him, he has never made money his focus and never asked God for money.

He said, “I have never asked God or prayed for money in my life ever since I got intoxicated with Matthew 6: 33.”

A major critic of government, Oyedepo who has continually condemned activities of Fulani herdsmen explained more on the secret of his wealth:

“I don’t owe any government a dime and I don’t owe any government in this country a dime.
The secret of whatever happens to me today is partnering with Jesus in soul-winning.
Every believer is expected to win souls. There was a time I asked Jesus to give me 7,000 souls and I was all out for Jesus. My team and I engaged in evangelism and at the end of the weeks appointed Jesus gave me 11,000 souls.

When I say my team, I mean, my driver, security aides and other men working with me. If he that winneth soul is wise and those that turn many to righteousness are like the stars forever, then, anyone winning souls for God becomes rich.
Last Saturday (February 10, 2017) I was at the Okada park, Motor Park and Markets in Ota, evangelizing for Jesus!
All my converts came to church this morning and I give God the glory.
Want to be rich? Wealthy? Then embrace Matthew 6:33.
It’s having the love of God in your heart and things which others are seeking would come running after you.
I was 19 year old and was posted to a village for internship. Immediately I got there, I started asking if there was a church in the village and they said there was none. I was grieved in my spirit and made up my mind on what to do before my 72-day internship would be over.
I emptied my pocket and spent all I had just to make sure there was a church in the village and by the 40th day of my stay there, a church was erected.

When it was time to leave, the villagers gave me a lantern and told me to take the light of the gospel to other parts of the world.
Friends, I’m not surprised where I am now, I would have been surprised if I wasn’t there; the love of God has eaten me up.”